Thursday, August 7, 2008

UP on Golf Course Part 2

It has been a while since I last wrote to this blog. Just some new catch from my recent golf game.

1. It was a par 3, guarded by bunkers front left of the green and huge lake to the right. Angin kencang gile mcm kat St. Andrews. Distance is 159m. On normal days, I'd take out my 5/6 iron, but bcos of the wind, I opted for 4 iron. I didnt hit a solid shot, nevertheless the ball went straight but short about 10 feet to the green. Safe. Now my buddy, asking the caddy to give him 6 iron. The caddy told him its a strong wind he might not make it. With a straight face, he told the cadyy, I pukul lagi kuat dari angin.... UP!!!!

2. Again, it was a par 3, 212 m downhill. I have no choice but to take my 3 wood. Hit it solid with an easy swing. The ball went up very high and again stop short of the green. No rolls or whatsoever. After finishing the hole with a stupid bogey I made a remark to my buggy mate. "Kalau aku pakai 3 iron tadi mesti dah on dah, aku pukul 3 iron lagi jauh dari 3 wood". Without letting me to continue my sentence my buggy mate shouted aloud UPPPPP!!!. He..he..he... kali ni aku sendiri yg UP. OK la tu, sekali sekala nak UP jugak.