Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Congrats Baby

I just want to specially mention to everbody that my wife, Tesa, completed her first 10K race in 1:22 last Sunday in Larial Amal Bukit Jalil.

I want to give special credits to her for having the determination and commitment to achieve it. Her target was simple, complete 10k in 1:25 and not to stop at all in doing it. She achieved both.

FYI, she had just given birth to our wonderful baby just 7 months ago, and to be able to do this when she was not even running this far pre-pregnancy was something to be proud of and shout about.

And I need to mention here too that she got a lot of help and motivation from Ezan, who also completed the race in 1:15.

Congratulations to both of you, and good luck for more races to come.

Running in "Lone Star State"

I have not been updating my blog for more than a month that I dont even bother to write what I've been doing duirng those period. Too much to write.

Anyway, I've been a week in Houston now and have 2 more weeks to go. Before I flew off from KL, I made a pledge to myself not to make this business trip as an excuse not to train. Initially, it was very hard to start, with jet-lag and all. But last Wednesday, I finally managed to pull myself together and did a 3 miler (saje nak ikut org US, diorg pakai mile je semua kat sini). I ran at arnd 10 pm and there were still so many ppl running or playing in the park. And the way the park being lit, was very helpful.

Then on Friday, I did a run in the morning. I only realised how cold it was only after I got out of the hotel. Crap, just last nite it was like 30 deg, and now like 5 deg. Luckily I wore the compression top that I bought for Kinabalu trip. Did a 5 miler.

On Saturday, went out in the morning as well. And it was worse. Freezing temp + rain. I took it as a challenge and did 10K in 49 min. I guess bcos it was too cold I ran faster than normal bcos I wanted to finish it faster and get it done with. And btw, Houston is as flat as it can be thats why I can do good timing.

Besides that, ate a lot of steaks and did a lot of shopping. Its crazy2 cheap. Well, they are stimulating their economy by getting ppl to spend. Most of my shoppings are done at Factoty Outlets, and most of the deals are discount 50% on selected items, and on top of that 30% for entire store. So an item that cost 100 bucks, will end up like 35 bucks. And its already cheap to begin with becos its being sold at Factory outlets. Simply said, ada org pesan coach handbag, it would costs 1,500 rm in KL, but got it for only 165 USD. Crazy man...

Off course, bought 2 adidas shoes for total 70 USD. Got myself the Adidas Response Cushion 17 for the marathons and Boreal TR for Kinabalu escapade.

And Noah is the one getting the most of my shoppings. Talking abt that, I miss him and Tesa so much. Especially when Tesa told me that he'd 'cebik' when I'm being put on speaker phone when I call home. Man....2 weeks to go.