Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday romantic run and 10th Thoroughbred ride.

We celebrated Valentine's this year by running at KLCC park. To make it even sweeter, Noah was with us.

We went out from our house at 7:15 to meet up with Ezan at the park. We were a bit anxious as this would be the first time we are bringing Noah out while he is still sleeping. He was sound a sleep while we get in the car and put him in the strolller as we reached KLCC.

Initially, I was running and pushing the stroller at a leisurely pace of 7-8 min/km. Noah still sleeps. So I ramp up my pace to max 5min/km, and Noah just slept like a 'baby', well he is still a baby. He must be enjoying the motion. And I'm glad that the stroller can hold up to my run. I only need to slow down at the un-rubberized part of the jogging track as it can cause the stroller's front wheels to shake uncontrollably. So after this, we can always bring Noah for our family run.

Was also proud of my wife, completed 5 rounds( abt 7K) without stopping. Her target by mid March is to complete 10K without stopping, which I truly believe she could, and I think she can complete it less than 1.5 hrs.

Had a sort of welcoming dinner to OP Farouk and Af. They had just moved in to UK Perdana, which is about 5 mins away from my house. So Farouk is now officially part of Ulu Kelang cycling fraternity. I'd surely enjoy my ride up to his house. Damn long hill.

On Sunday, did a ride at Guthrie. Co-incidently, all the riders were from my batch (Chipang, Itik n Farouk). First time(distance wise- abt 40K) for both Farouk and Itik and they did it with ease, except for few complaints on sore ass. Farouk was using Chipang's MTB and Itik was using fully carboned Giant Time Trial road bike given by his National Coach brother in-law. Ringan gila beb...

I truly enjoyed the ride, especially when we stopped for our breakfast at Elmina R&R. I think the time we took to eat was almost half the time we ride. We were joined in by Mantat, the Powerbar Man. Well, he definitely did not rode with us. He drove from his house to join us just for the breakfast, but by the portion of rice that he took, looks to be more of a lunch rather than breakfast.

Hopefully we can do this ride with my batch mate more often in the future.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Update 2nd Half January

I can sum up this update with only 1 word, COLONOSCOPY. Yep, I had that procedure done to check on the everlasting stomach pain that I had for more than 3 weeks.

COLONOSCOPY = Having a camera shoved up the Ass.

And I was relieved that they found nothing serious (eg; polyp, ulcer, cancer) in my stomach/intestine/liver etc.. only some bacteria infections that can be solved by taking some antibiotics and regular worm medicine. But I cant tell you how does it feel, bcos I passed out. Well, I was supposed to pass out, kalau conscious cuak jugak...And BTW, they also inserted 1 more camera through my throat, like the nurse asked me, 'Encik nak kena masuk atas bawah ke?' while prepping me up.

Spent my CNY in Cherating. This was when I discovered that u can take cinnamon to cure stomach problem, especially for heartburn or acidity problem, bcos cinnamon has some level of alkali that can cure that problem. At first, asked my wife to sprinkle ground cinnamon on a toast bread. And it worked. But after that, whenever I had pain, I just chew the cinnamon raw, and believe me, it is sweet and quite soft, and easily dissolved in your mouth. But it leaves a soapy after taste, like u just licked a soap kind of taste.

We also attended Stupe's open house. His house is nice and cosy, complemented by the warm hospitality of Stupe, his wife, Ryan and Nadia. And the nasi lemak was fabulous, no wonder the towkay drives a C-class, as Stupe told me, he sent the nasi lemak to Stupe's house using that car. Business must be really good.

But last Wed, as I started going back to offc, the pain in my stomach was unbearable. So decided to see the specialist (gastroenterologist). They had taken my blood sample and told me to come the next day for the colonoscopy. I think the worst part about this procedure is the preparation. I need to fast more than 12 hrs and can only eat plain white bread/porridge before fasting, and then drink up 2 litres of laxative in 2hrs time to start excreting the content of my stomach to be ready for the procedure.

First, the laxative drink's taste was terrible, mcm minum air laut yg tawar campur glukos. 2 liter pulak tu nak kena minum.

Second, had to go to toilet 15-20 times, mula2 tu ada jugak keluar isi, last2 tu keluar air je. letih.....

So guys, better watch what you eat, as the Dr told me, the possible cause of my problem might be bcos some contaminated food.

On my training, took almost a week rest after GE 30K. Started with recovery run in Taman Tar, then did 1 x DUKE ride, 2 x beach run in Cherating and 1 x Guthrie ride during CNY holidays. Azmil rode for the first time in Guthrie and he did very well to complete the 40K.

After the pain on Wednesday and procedure on Thurs, start of again with a 10K run in Pandan loop on Friday. It was sluggish, I think it may be the after effect of the laxatives and the procedure. Did and interval run on Saturday using Polar for the first time. Set 3 zones with different speed limits. It will beep whenever u go too slow or too fast. I like it a lot.