Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 Under the knife

Post Mortem on the events I participated for 2010.

1. 30K run, January, Pdg Merbok-Bkt Tunku-Hartamas.
Time: 3:15

Good: Manage to complete with minimal training and while carrying an injury.

Bad: 18 mins slower than 2009. Cramped and walked the last 5K.

Lessons Learned : Train and prepare. Dont join a race unprepared and injured. Result will be bad and injury worsen.

2. PD Tri, July.
Time: 2:55

Good: Improved 35mins overall from 2009. Excellent(by my standard) bike time (1:15). Running was OK. (55)

Bad: Swim was slower than expected (39). Was panicky 3/4 of the course.

Lessons Learned : Good prep on bike. Apparently not enough sessions in the pool by looking at the result. Dont try to 'pulun' at the start of the swim. Hard to get back composure.
Run was ok considering minimal time spent training bcos of injury that got me sidelined for a good 4 months. Enjoyed the race overall.

3. Desaru LD Tri, Oct.
Time: 6:40

Good: Improved 1:10 from IM 70.3 PutraJaya. Bike was excellent ( again by my standard 3:07). Hot weather did not hinder my race bcos of acclimatisation sessions. Nutrition timing was good too.

Bad: Run (2:34). 20 mins off target. Struggled in the mid part of the course. Swim was ok-ok je la.

Lessons Learned : Good prep overall. Need to preapare cold coke on the run course to boost spirit. Enjoyed the race.

4. Penang Marathon, Nov.
Time: 4:56

Good: 6 mins faster than my last and only Marathon in 2009. No cramping and pain factor was kept at minimum.

Bad: Too Slow. Not enough speed work. Hard to sustain 6-6:30 pace for the first half of the run.

Lessons Learned: Need to loose some more weight. Need to be sub 70KG to truly perform for Marathon.